Running Contacts AUDITOR incl. Directional Cues

After booking the class, all content and lessons are available to you for 12 months. Train at your own pace when you want and where you want! Since the lessons build on each other, you can work through them in a relaxed manner, one after the other. You can ask questions about the exercises at any time. If you get stuck in the training, you can always book personal feedback with individual video analysis. There is no possibility to watch the participants (working spots) as it is a close class that runs all year round.


After booking the online class, feel free to join our internal Facebook group. There you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and auditors, you can motivate each other, post videos and maybe even find training partners. And I have the opportunity to get to know you guys better. I also enjoy following the progress of my "former" students, whether they are participants or auditors.


At what age should you start training Running Contacts? In my experience, I would recommend to start training when your dog is about 10-11 months old, because starting much earlier does not bring any real added value. Give your dog enough time to mature and develop. You can use this time to build important foundations for your future training. Introduce your dog to "free shaping" by building up different tricks. Work on good body awareness and try to find the balance between motivation and impulse control. During this time you can also build up the basics for cue discrimination. And very important... play, play, play...!!!


You don't trust yourself to build up the Running Contacts without personal coaching? I can understand you really well and would like to try to motivate you. The class is structured in that way that you can work through it step by step at your own pace and the experience so far has shown that it really works great! You have the opportunity to ask questions at any time and there is also a Facebook group where you can exchange ideas with other participants and auditors. If you get stuck, you can always book personal feedback with individual video analysis. The goal of the training for the auditors is not to have lots of teams who get frustrated and quit. My desire is that every team can achieve their goal with this class. Even if I can't coach everyone at "full time", a solution can always be found. No one is left here alone!


Price: 235,00 € incl. German VAT

Videos of my students you can find in the YouTube-Playlist and at my Facebook-Page - Hundesport mit Merit Jähne 0