Running Contacts WORKING SPOT incl. Directional Cues

While you train the Running Contacts with your dog, you will be personally coached by me the whole time. You will get feedback on your videos and individual help for training with your dog within 2 days (holidays and weekends excluded). Exchange ideas with other participants and learn from each other. After booking the course, all content and lessons are available to you for 6 months. The training period can be extended by 3 months at any time. In the classroom you have your own area where you can post your questions and videos (YouTube). The forum is only visible to participants.


At what age should you start training Running Contacts? In my experience, I would recommend to start training when your dog is about 10-11 months old, because starting much earlier does not bring any real added value. Give your dog enough time to mature and develop. You can use this time to build important foundations for your future training. Introduce your dog to "free shaping" by building up different tricks. Work on good body awareness and try to find the balance between motivation and impulse control. During this time you can also build up the basics for cue discrimination. And very important... play, play, play...!!!


Price for the first 6 months:


1st dog = 348,00 € (58,00 € per month)

2nd dog = 280,00 € (47,00 € per month)


Extension for 3 months:


1st dog = 174,00 € (58,00 € per month)

2nd dog = 140,00 € (47,00 € per month)


All prices include German VAT


In order to maintain the quality of the training, the working spots with personal coaching unfortunately are very limited. Since the waiting list is already insanely full, it's only possible to take you on the waiting list with "long-term" planning. If you are interested, please contact me very early by e-mail (, then we will talk about the details!

Videos of my students you can find in the YouTube-Playlist and at my Facebook-Page - Hundesport mit Merit Jähne 0