Running Contacts English DIRECTIONAL CUES

You have already built up Running Contacts with your dog and you don't know exactly how to train the directional cues? I'll show you two ways (setup with barrels and setup with with food bowls) to build up hard turns and soft turns without equipment on the ground and then transfer them to the dogwalk. To allow your dog to perform the directional cues independently of you and your position, we will also work with a focus obstacle. After booking the class, all content and lessons are available to you for 18 months. Train at your own pace when you want and where you want! Since the lessons build on each other, you can work through them in a relaxed manner, one after the other. You can ask questions about the exercises at any time, but you will not be able to post videos and get feedback. The directional cues can be used not only at the contact obstacles (dogwalk, A-frame and seesaw), but also at the tunnel, at the slalom and as soft turns at jumps. 


Price: 95,00 € - Hundesport mit Merit Jähne [-cartcount]